TRICO®: Deer repellent research

A short introduction into the research of TRICO®, supported by NCCTA Funds & Kwizda Agro.

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Christmas tree protection via repellents

Christmas tree growers need reliable repellents to protect their trees from deer browsing damage.

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TRICO® North America Brochure

Take a look at the TRICO® North America brochure to learn more. A dedicated broschure for Canada is currently under development and will be available soon. Stay tuned!

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TRICO® Label

Take a look at the TRICO® label to learn more.

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TRICO® products protect plants

TRICO® is a scent and taste repellent that protects against deer, elk and moose that browse, rub or debark seedlings, trees and shrubs. TRICO® provides effective control of deer damage to vulnerable, deer attractive agricultural plants. TRICO® brands offer long-lasting protection and are effective in all seasons. A proven track record in Europe has been achieved thanks to the residual repellency, the fact they start working immediately and the dual action provides protection in a range of plants from forestry to vineyards and orchards.

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