Over 90 years of experience in plant and crop protection.

In 1926, Kwizda Agro was founded in Austria and now extends across the world. With our innovative drive and nearly one hundred years of experience, we continue to provide safe and effective, trendsetting plant protection products produced with the highest standards.

To grow successfully, we rely on our proximity to our customers. We develop your ideas and formulate them into finished products. When it comes to our in-house biological products, we focus on developing biological fungicides, and repellents for agriculture, forestry, and private consumers. In all areas, we use our comprehensive know-how and our networks in distribution.

Expansion to North America

In 2022, Kwizda Agro expanded its worldwide presence by entering into North America. Headquartered in Portland, Maine, Kwizda, Inc. focuses on plant and crop protection in the agricultural, forestry, nursery and specialty industries. Our innovative deer repellent product TRICO® , distributed by Veseris, is integral to eliminating browsing, rubbing and debarking damage caused by deer, elk, moose and rabbits.

Kwizda, Inc., the US and Canadian entity of Kwizda Agro are part of Kwizda Holding which, alongside the business field of agriculture, also comprises the following areas of business: Pharma, Wholesale pharmaceutical trade, Pharmaceutical distribution, Pharmacy service, Cosmetics, Roof and Sealing systems. In fiscal 2023, the Group generated sales of over 1,36 billion euros. The company remains committed to health, connected to nature.

Core competencies

Kwizda Agro's operations began in Austria in 1926 and now extends worldwide. At seven locations, we are constantly providing new impetus for effective and forward-looking  plant and crop protection with our innovative strength and almost a hundred years of experience. The only thing that counts for us is the greatest care in all areas and the highest standards.

Extensive expertise from an idea to the market

The Agriculture, Forestry, Nursery and Specialty industries faces numerous challenges. We work together with our partners to find sustainable solutions to these challenges. Kwizda Agro provides know-how and extensive expertise to all elements of the value chain. We develop individually optimized formulations for each active ingredient – to ensure a high degree of effectiveness and ease of use.

We collaborate with our distributor partner to bring to market innovative products to maximize yields. Contact us today by connecting with your local Veseris representative or authorized dealer for more information on TRICO® or visit www.veseris.ca.

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We support our partners regionally and globally.

Sustainability - Integrated plant protection with sustainable agriculture in mind

The high efficiency as well as the gentle, safe application of our products and solutions is just as much a priority as acting in harmony with biodiversity and climate protection goals. This is why we focus intensively on biological control agents with a view to sustainable agriculture and integrated plant protection. To do so, we are constantly expanding our core competences – formula development, biology and registration.

For future generations

As a family company, we see it as our responsibility to operate in such a way that future generations will be left a stable economic system as the basis for their welfare, along with an intact and livable environment. We therefore follow the objectives of the EU Commission, which is striving to make industrial production greener, digitized, and autonomous.


Working and growing in harmony with the environment

With its Green Deal, the EU Commission has presented strategies that outline a vision of growth based on the economy and agricultural and forestry industries being modern, sustainable, and competitive. Kwizda Agro is taking up the Green Deal objectives and sees them as an opportunity.

We are incorporating our expertise into the formulation of complex solutions, developing our own organic products according to the principles of the Green Deal, and investing in production practices that are both climate-friendly and environmentally kind.

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